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Class Room capture – sometimes referred to as content capture, lecture capture, or course capture – is a system for recording ("capturing") classroom-based presentations and sharing them on the internet.All aspects of the presentation are captured, including the presenter (via video camera), the presenter's voice, the computer screen, and any computer audio.

We provide both a live option, which enables viewers to watch the presentation as it happens, and an on-demand option, which enables viewers to watch the presentation at a later date, at their convenience. By default, all of our live presentations are converted to on-demand presentations once the event has concluded.Class capture is focused primarily on academic presentations, and can be easily incorporated into any LMS or CMS. The Corporates, MNC, IT Companies ,Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Dentistry, all use class capture regularly.

Lecture Capture is a flexible and innovative solution to schedule and record live classrooms. Recorded lectures are automatically published in your favorite Learning Management System(LMS) or Content Management System(CMS) for on-demand viewing. It uses variety of hardware & software tools to present and record lectures based on specific requirements.

Deliver Live Lectures through your existing LMS or CMS

Deliver live lectures through Learning Management System (LMS) while recording for on-demand viewing. Use Advanced Analytics to view attendance and gauge student participation within your LMS. Enable students to access recorded lectures within Learning Management System (LMS).