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Short Messaging Service

We are one of the leading providers of Mobile Messaging Services. Our end to end SMS services enable your business to develop and deploy real-time SMS notification and data access applications that dramatically reduce time-to-decision and improves service value to customers.We are committed to a large volume capacity, competitive pricing and deploying the largest sms coverage in the Marketplace. We have extensive coverage to over 600 networks in over 190 countries.

Our service features Send SMS using easy Web Based System or HTTP/ SMPP High Throughput and Fast delivery Dynamic SenderId (Send SMS using your company Name, etc.) Form groups by uploading numbers using a text file and send to several contacts. Easy Contact Management Unicode SMS: Send SMS in Arabic, Chinese,etc Delivery Reports of Sent Messages

Some advantages of using SMS as a media for communication

Cheaper: An SMS is much cheaper than a phone call

Instant recording: Unlike a phone call, sms is automatically stored where it can be re-read which is useful in case of detailed information which can be forgotten.

Discreet nature of sms ensures you stay in touch with minimal disturbance.

Bulk Delivery: Unlike a phone call, the same information can be conveyed to a huge clientele with ease and instantly.

Short Code & Long Code

Get a keyword on Indian SMS Short code & Long Code numbers to get connected with your customers any where any time. These service are one stop interaction media through which we can interact with our customers directly and conduct various Media Promotion events like Contests, Survey, Bids and Product Enquiries in a cost effective manner

. • Free Auto-Reply (You can set a message that should be sent back to sender on requested Service.)

• Free Web Based Control Panel.

• Add Unlimited Sub Keywords.

• Real Time Web Based + Email Reporting

• URL Posting (Incoming SMS can be posted to your URL).

• SMS Forwarding (Optional).

Voice calls, Voice SMS

With this technology the you just have to upload the recording and then select the list of number whom you want to send this recording. Bulk Voice is a simple communications technology that blasts a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of recipients. Often used for alerts, notifications in business applications or for promotional purposes. Register today to have a test account.


talkNow is an instant call back service which connects the website user with the website owner, customer support representative or sales representative of the company. It allows the website visitor to put in his / her number and click the talkNow button, instantly the talkNow server initiate a call to the website owner and the website visitor.


• No software requirement. It's an online application and there is no plug-in required on either the website owner nor on the customer end.

• Free Web Based Control Panel. Just copy the code and integrate in your website.

• Hosted Solutions. This is a complete hosted solution.

• Real Time Web Based + Email Reporting • Visitor validation. Till the visitor doesnot give a miss call to our number the call is not initated.


Miss Call

Our Miss Call technology has become one of the most useful feature for our clients With this technology, your customer just have to give a miss call to the specific number which we will setup for you and he will be getting the required details in the form of SMS from you. For e.g he will be registered with username & password, get last recommendations, get alerts, get OTP or verification code and much..


• Customer doesn't have to pay anything.

• Increases customers interest.

• Increases sales by more then 50%.

• Simple and easy to integrate.

• Customised miss call solutions.

• Cost effective •

Track the history of miss calls.

• Developer API: Easily integrate with your Website or Applications