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Technology / Domain Expertise

Our CEO has been wide in-depth knowledge for four consecutive years as well as he has authored and edited many books on .NET technologies. This gives our team an edge in developing various applications keeping in mind the future direction of web. Our team has built innovative solutions for clients of various sizes from start-ups, SMEs to large enterprises in various different business domains like Health Care, Advertising, Marketing, Communication and Messaging, HR, Digital Media, Line of Business Applications and DRM globally.

Low Cost, On Time, Quality Development

We are an offshore development company located in Chennai, India providing the best mix of quality development at a lower cost. We work on flexible payment terms selecting the right pricing model which makes sense for our clients needs. We provide fixed budget models for clear-defined functionalities and hourly billing for evolving requirements. There is a clear sign-off at every step so that they clients are well aware of the time lines and cost estimates. Once the quote is approved, there are no further hidden costs or budget surprises!

Agile Processes

We use agile processes to ensure that every step of the process we deliver as per our clients requirements. Agile process allows us to have close interaction with our clients throughout the development process to ensure the end solution is exactly as per client’s requirements. We use online project management and tracking tool so that at any point in time our client can easily monitor the progress on their application. As a part of the agile process the client plays a key role in prioritizing task and providing early feedback to ensure we deliver the right solution.

Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and Transparency are the virtue, that is our CEO values the most and that's what we apply in our business practices. Our clients have the visibility of the development team, their credentials along with the complete visibility of the development progress. They have the access to various tracking tools to follow the development process and we like to closely involve the client during the development process to ensure the end result is always as per client's expectations. The complete source code, documentation as well as IPs (Intellectual Property) generated by the development team is retained by our clients. We promise no hidden costs and on time delivery.